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NASA and the ESA plan to blow up moon!

NASA and the European Space Agency are involved in a mission to blow up a moon. Their reasoning behind this is to learn how to divert dangerous meteors and asteroids which are on a collision course with the Earth.The codename for this mission is known as Asteroid Impact Mission.

The team will launch a deep space probe to an asteroid called Didymos. Specifically it will focus on Didymos' moon affectionately known as Didymoon. Didymoon is expected to pass by the earth in 2022 at a distance of only 11 million kilometers.

The European Space Agency will study the moon by gathering high resolution images and detailed mappings and maybe even send a lander to survey the moon. In 2022, NASA will send a spacecraft known as a Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) to crash into Didymoon. This impact could break Didymoon up into many smaller pieces or at the very least alter it's tragectory. If it does break up, it is hoped that none of these smaller pieces will collide with the earth.

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